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Edward Maday
Violin and Viol Maker


I have a small private workshop in a quiet location on the south shore of Long Island. It is easily accessable from New York City. Visitors to my shop are welcomed by appointment. There are always instruments in varying degrees of construction. Many times I have finished instruments that are ready for immediate sale. If you are considering placing an order or wish to try a currently available instrument, please give me a call to arrange a visit.

For ordering and purchase information please contact the shop.

Click here for instrument list.
Please note that prices are subject to change without notice.

Acknowledgements This is a partial list (in no particular order) of folks and organizations who have inspired, encouraged and overall helped me along my journey: My wife Janet Holmes, my entire family, Reverend James Dolan, Olga Bloom, Dr. Anne Yarrow, Joe Tripodi, Clifford Roberts, Stan Schmidt, Robert Ames, Barrie Kolstien, Sam Kolstien, Bill Monical, Marvin Braum, Maurice Kouguell, Laurence Libin, Metropolitan Museum of Art, Shrine to Music Museum, Ed Truettner, Larry Mayea, Motomi Igrashi, Kageki Nagao, Dave Saphra, Cathy Pickt, Arron Pickt, Duane Rosenguard, Danny Phillips, Barbara Mallow, Jeannie Mallow, Elliot Sweet, Michael Shih, Ian Murphy, John Schaefer, Paul Nowinski, Jack Nowinski, Victor Lawrence, Enrique Orengo, Phil Clark, The Violin Society of America, Vincent O'Brien, William Huggler, Bob and Ilsa Nordenholz, Margaret Panofsky, Joelle Morton, and the VdGSA - New York chapter.